Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Barocking it

I don't get up to too much in the way of fashion shoots here on Wellity Well but this one by Tim Walker for Vogue Italia is too beautiful. Baroque is always a winner - I have in the past achieved extra hair height for a bit of an Antoinette look by bolstering my barnet with a bread roll and a pair of socks. 

Via Cat Clocks - go look there for more wonderful photos centred on:
"Teapots, steampunk, gas masks, Cocorosie, the apocalypse, kittens, art dolls, green tea, witchcraft, Scandinavian Architecture, the Rococo era, Pierre et Gilles, far away objects, conspiracy theories, Zoetica Ebb, Marina Bychkova, the abyssal zone, fucked up art, other peoples houses, organic shampoo, lateral thinking, window sills, alternative culture, typewriters, antique telephones, cognative dissonance, vivid dreams, pale skin, quiet music, pianos, black and white photos, contradictions and the unexpected"

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