Friday, 23 September 2011

Friday Linkgasm and Happy Birthday to me

This blog was born a year ago on the 15th of August - what a frigging milestone and what a timely celebration, only a month or so late. Good times. As a birthday present to Wellity Wellity Well do us a favour:

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Those are direct orders bitches. Fanks. Now, onto the links:

You call that a crane? link

Suck it Bambi. link

Walk like a man, talk like Satan. link

This video of a train driving through a fruit market is quite extraordinary. link

Wanted: a weird poster from Japan. Ok, here you go - link

Sometimes it's good to get your blood pressure up with a bit of rage - here's a 60 second interview with eternal Top Cunt Peaches Geldof. link

Barbara Bush says The Simpsons is "The dumbest thing I've ever seen." So Marge writes her a letter. Marvellous. link

"Balloon release for orphans goes wrong." Also marvellous. link

Aaargh, this is really weird - celebrity faces layered over this man's face in real time. Can't really describe it but it's good and creepy. link

Skipping dogs - THE  VIDEO. link

Russian lunatic on holiday. link

Amazing poster of Hollywood haircuts. link

Shouldn't laugh. link

So, they've invented contact lenses which pinch your eyeballs back into 20/20 while you sleep. Gross, I'll take my chances with a terrifying laser thanks. link

Absolut Sauvignon Vodka. That is all types of wrong and I am rightly blaming Australia where it was first released. link

Fix up chaps, with the help of The Art of Manliness

And we polish the week off with... the inbred cat. link.

Inbred cat.

Have a lovely weekend all and I'll see you on Monday with some lovely music. Thanks Emerald, Love Interest, Twitter and Chris Vernon for links.

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