Friday, 30 September 2011

Something for the weekend

Meet the man who I'm going to have pups with:

Zombie Yoga. link


"May god fuck the sky on you" or How to Write a Letter of Complaint. link

Bloody beautiful aerial photography taken from a hanglider.  link

Surfing dogs. link

Dogs getting married. link

Pole dancing battle - mad skillz. link

This man is a hybrid of Slinky and music. It's kind of freaky. link

Stop the Vom - it's the new Angry Birds but with added vom. link

Oh, pity the male angler fish - this is amazing. link

If drawings were photographs. link

YOU WILL RESPECT MA AUTHORITAI, because I am your teacher and an arsehole. link

"I'm sorry you lost your job and are now living on the streets." Hallmark recession condolences cards. link

Go ahead, eat Lego, see if I care. link

How to be Frencher than the French by saying "Er" in a sexy way. link

Picture of the Week: a Real Doll owner support group. INCREDIBLE and dedicated to Tibbs Jenkins. link

WTF? America planned to go to war against Britain by invading Canada. For realsies. link

Awww, giant motherfucking python takes a bath - surprisingly sweet. link

Prawn Cocktail - I want and NEEEED this hat and I'll take that advice. link

And I leave you with the best typo everrrrrr. link

Majority of the above were found from the marvellous people I follow on Twitter.

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