Friday, 16 September 2011


The Weekly Wellity Round Up Is BACK!

Headlines of the week:
Dwarf Who Played Gordon Ramsay in Porn Eaten by Badgers. link and link
Man Who Had Sex With Park Bench Cut Free. link (It's the new planking)
LAPD Detains Man in SpongeBob Outfit. link (AMAZING photo)
Man Defecates on Dead Hedgehog, says "When you gotta go, you gotta go." link
Man Uses Lighter to Search Underneath Crib for Baby's Pacifier, Sets Bed on Fire. link - this comes from FloriDUH - an archive of the worryingly stupid shit that makes the papers in the Sunshine State.

You tell 'em Granny link

There is no disPUTIN' this man's mastery of man-skills. link

This is in no way depressing - a Divorce Hotel in Holland. link

Sporegasm - a very cool billboard for the film Contagion. link

NSFW but a totally incredible video - marvel as a Japanese guys destroys his room with his Godzilla-wang. link

Justin Beiber sex doll. link

How coffee became to be known as SATAN'S BROTH. link

Excellent woman mocks American Apparel. AA break the habit of a lifetime and behave like douchebags in response. link

Oh - comedy GOLD. link

Fireside hate mail with Richard Dawkins. link

A fountain that tells the bloody time. Amazeballs. link

AAAAARGH, internet-induced vertigo (needs speakers). link

God, I think this company was only set up so they could call this range of iPhone covers Earonic. I'm tired suddenly.  link

You probably thought Chuck Tester was alive - NOPE! Strong contender for the greatest advert of all time.

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