Monday, 12 September 2011

Time to take action:

Creep those brothels ungentlemen and spank those knickers sluts.

Shoes - Juliano's. Knickers - Agent Provocateur

Comb that 'stache cowboy and bag that freaking cat.

Cowboy Comb

Comb. Bag by Coshell

Buff that gaddamn bison.

Badge by Coral & Tusk

Get your 'To kill list' in order with this poison and pipet book:

Any of the names on this hit list look familiar?This was one of the pieces that my friend Curtis (of whiskey suitcase fame) made for the  We Make art show last night. Awesome stuff. Actually, everyone’s stuff was pretty amazing. More photos coming.

And for the love of god, someone buy me these sunglasses. I tried them on in San Fran airport and they look motherfricking excellent on me. There are at least twelve people reading this blog, if you all club a couple of twenties together you could make me look like a character out of a Jackie Collins tome and WHO doesn't want that for me?


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