Friday, 28 October 2011

Monster Link Mash

HALLOOOO(ween) everyone. I am fucking excited about this weekend, I am going to backcomb my hair to hell, cover myself in blood and beetle wings and do a lot of shouting. I hope y'all have similar plans but first - here's some internet with a heap of video joy.

This wonderful animated lecture by Iain McGilchrist about left brain right brain brain brain is seriously interesting and brilliantly done - take the time and have a watch. link

Population explosion seems to be talk of the town at the moment. It's pretty frightening and also damn hard to picture - here's a visualisation from the UN to help your frightening along.
via @oliviasolon

MONEY FACE! But less porny than you're thinking. Is that a thing, no maybe that's money shot? Nevermind, I obviously don't watch enough porn. This is part of the 99 percent movement and it's a goodie. link
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Supercalifragilistically creepy ye olde school Halloween shots. link
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Pop Chart Labs make fabbo charts - here's their latest, and it's The Delectable Kaleidoscope of Candy Bars . link

So, MC Hammer is taking on Google with his own 'deep search' engine. For realsies. link
via @on_re

From Duck Sauce, the chaps who brought you Barbara Streisand, their new video Big Bad Wolf is quite extraordinary and nsfw. link

Interesting article on music marketing, bit of a hot topic at the moment. Will be expanding on it next week on the Book of Revelations.

Yeah yeah yeah, projection mapping, whatever, yawn. WELL NOT THIS TIME. Watch and marvel:

via @chrisjvernon

And verily I decree that anybody making intricate structures out of hundreds of thousands of toothpicks hath too much time on their hands and shall be burnt at the stake made of toothpicks which they hath built themselves. link

Sex advice from a psychic? You'll be able to predict me telling you to go fuck yourself then. link

Courtney Stodden is a teenage girl married to some 50 year old rich perv, she definitely hasn't had her tits done (she has) and she's definitely not hooked on prescription meds (fo sho). She may not sound like much on paper but I think she is comedy fucking gold, if you're going to be a teen bride, you should go the whole hog like Courtney and behave like a rampant ho-bag, you damn well should go to the Pumpkin Patch (where Yanks go to buy pumpkins, funnily enough) and disturb the children and fathers alike - see video here. Team Courtney. She needs to set up a Junior Hos Academy - pervy old man funding will be the easiest money anyone's ever secured.

Cats with owl faces. I've already made clear my views that if anyone was going to take over the internet from cats, it'd be owls but I didn't even dream of this unstoppable power chimera. link

This is a very cool ad, this man is the perfect model for this particular product:

I realised the other day that if someone brought a baby into the room I'd probably do some perfunctionary cooing but if someone then brought a puppy in too, I'd drop the baby and go puppy apeshit. Until that balance shifts a little, there'll be no grandchildren for you mother - sorry. I also find children pretty terrifying - check out these American kids being interviewed about the death of Bin Laden, they're pretty awesome kids but scarily self-possessed. (n.b this is a great video, do watch.) link
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Oh, it's only another great video. I'm not going to give anything away but this is only 56 seconds long and the pay off is unbelievably good. via PoliticalAdvertising

This 15 second gem can be watched again and again and again and then a bit more. (via AdAnarchist)

Fly my pretties and see you next week.

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