Friday, 7 October 2011

A ????? of links

Anyone got any ideas for a good collective noun for a gathering of Friday links? Lemme know in the comments box.

Oh huzzahs, Seigfried and Roy tuck into a cake shaped like Montecore, the tiger which mauled Roy. link


Illustrated response to Ryan Sexpot Gosling's new fillum, Drive. I found this exceptionally amusing. link

Remember those fucktards at the Westboro Baptist Church who picket funerals shouting illogical homophobic nonsense? Well here's their response on Twitter to the death of Steve Jobs - look closely - BUSTED! link

Very cool new PS3 ad for the gamers out there. link

Well hung squirrel shocks the Daily Mail... FILTH! link

You thought that squirrel was bad? Well hold onto your pants because here is another stunning video from Strictly Come Dancing With the (apparently porn) Stars Argentina. To think that Anne Widdecome competed on the same programme in this country is a wonderful thought. It is NSFW but you must watch it immediately, even if it means cloaking your computer with a jumper. link

Google Wallet means dropping your phone down the loo will ruin your life even more than usual. link

Slinky cat.

Get in the mood for Halloween with these freaky-assed prosthetics. link

This week's hipster nonsense? Well that'd be sunglasses worn as bow ties. link

First person to take me on a holiday where I get to surf in phosphorescence wins a BIG prize. link

Congrats to Foxy Knoxy on her release, Whoopsie to the Daily Mail which printed a story saying the verdict was guilty. link


Wonderful synchronised human fountain - suck on that Belagio. link

Julia Roberts is America's Sweetheart huh? Not according to this dog. link

I leave you with CATATTACK! A great shot. link

nawz kitty cat

Oh god, I nearly forgot, Jodie Marsh is a body builder now. This is not kind on the eyes - and not recommended on a hangover. link

Thanks Buster and the people I doggishly follow on Twitter for the links.

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