Friday, 21 October 2011

Oh hello Friday, it's you again. Good

This week I am opening with... a squirrel doing some hardcore teenage snogging with a dinosaur. Get in there you furry little pervert. link

ANOTHER brilliant Canal + ad. link

Hold the phone - Thom York, having a hoot? link

Man attacks woman with frozen armadillo. Bet she did not see that coming. link

Thinking of quitting your job? Do it like this guy. link

This woman is my new idol. Sends child to beg on the streets. Buys a Beemer. Not to be messed with. link

Get. Out. Orphaned baby dolphin bottle fed by caring beardy man. link

RAMCAM! Follow the sexploits of a horny ram out in the field doing what he does best. link

Whaaaa? Extraordinary Japanese music video with synchronised slow motion dance insanity. link

Comparative photos taken of the tsunami at the time, 3 months later and now 6 months later. link

A young Jason Bateman asks How can I tell if I'm really in Love? link

Lindsay Lohan violates parole and gets put on... MORGUE DUTY!!! link

Vastly fat cat slumped against a wall manages to clean approx 1% of it's body. link

This Lytro camera is the coolest thing I've seen in a long time. link

Swiss man predicts the weather using ants. Gets covered in ants. Strangely delightful. link

A shitty failed alchemist - man sets fire to house trying to turn shit into gold. link

Stunning video of the midnight sun in Iceland. link

Thanks friends and folk I follow on Twitter for all the linky loveliness.

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