Thursday, 24 November 2011

Baby, It's Unseasonably Warm Outside

13 °C, in Novermber? WTF? It's what my grandmother would have lip-curlingly referred to as 'most queer' (picture a much thinner version of Dowager Duchess Downton peering suspiciously at an outdoor thermometer as though it's a spaceship built by Hitler and you're half way there).

I'm off to Australia for Christmas next month and goddammit, on taking off I'd like to feel as though I'm escaping the frosty clutches of a vicious winter. Seeings as that's not happening so far, here two things making me feel colder:

1. Omfug, it's a bloody penguin in a white gold igloo on a ring made of diamonds. If that's not the icy pinnacle of Winter Wonderland then there's eggnog on my face. Made by Theo Fennell.

2. Whispering Dave and the ICY FINGER OF DEATH. Sounds like the best movie ever, but is in fact a clip about BRINICLES, courtesy of BBC's Frozen Planet; a telly programme so indescribably wonderful I don't think I can look at you if you've avoided it for any reason.

Errr, that's it for now, may add to this list as appropriate.

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