Friday, 11 November 2011

Friday is sponsored by Professor Genki

Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax - hands down the weirdest thing I've watched in, forever. Thanks Em

How does the Post Office decipher all that terrible handwriting? link

A man live tweets the break up of a couple in Burger King. I'm sort of ok with that, but I think posting pictures of them takes it over the line into unacceptable behaviour. Interesting though. link

Upsidedown flying rhino anyone? link

The Mail out-Mails themselves with this story and headline. link

"I have a gay breakfast of cereal with milk, and a good, strong, gay cup of coffee. I am fortified for another day of ruining the fabric of American Society." Brilliant. link

You can see Republitard Rick Perry's brain leaking out of his nose a bit during this. Not only is it cringe it's also worrying in a way that is both comedic and depressing. link thanks El.

Touchscreens are for luddites. link
Oh, and see also this about Xbox Kinect. (Like the track - strings version of Pixies Where is my Mind also being used on the current Thompson ad)

Best vaginal surgery clinic ad ever? link

Hey look guys! It's Die Artwood. Try to keep a straight face. link

Extreme internet silliness - Steve Gobs. link

Thinking of trying a little bit of harmless ol' meth? Why not let Darren Requiem for a this is fine, don't know what the fuss is aaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAARGH GOD, LOOK AT HIS ARM, OH, OH NO AAAAAAAAAronovsky persuade you otherwise? link

The Nasal Douche Championships - yeah, they're a thing. I have a worrying number of friends who own "nasal lavages", so with any luck, I'll be cheering from the sidelines next year. link

Owl and cat make best friends. I am a melted puddle on the floor. Someone else is typing this. link

Oooooh, snazzy. link

These guys are allegedly going to follow up ROBOCOP LIVE with ALIEN ON ICE. Love
via @b3ta_links

Naughty - Banned Xbox ad. Quite like it.

Oh, no, I melted again - artist draws childrens' favourite animals as they describe them. via @dysonology

My Favourite Animal (5 min. version) from Lara Lee on Vimeo.

And finally... GENIUS. Also via @dysonology

Happy weekend all.

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