Friday, 4 November 2011

Friday lumps, no, wait...

Get down from there you naughty Frenchmen - watch this:

TRAMAMAMAMBOPOLINE. With added fox. link

Damn sweet dog. link

"You need children to pay for miserable old people like you" - a 6 year old writes to The Economist. link
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Wayne Rooney needs to advertise everything ever for all eternity from now on, and all films need to star Wayne Rooney as every single character, like Being Wayne Rooney for everything. And this is why: link

"Throwing your own poo, it's not a good look." Best anti-drugs poster EVER. link
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Ghost sex sex ghosts - getting it AWN in the afterlife. link
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Whatever you're doing, chuck your headphones in and listen to this amazing bollocking from a public school headmaster set to music. L.O.V.E link
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Sign design - so much can go so wonderfully wrong. link
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LEOPARD IN A MALL / technology being cool. link
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A cracking music video for Man Man's Piranha Club link

"It's been a long time since a man made love to me passionately whilst listening to Simply Red." Fucking Brillo. link
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This made me laugh a lot. link
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Finger narwhals - WANT. link

Cheese... or Font? link
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HUMAN. SLINKY - chant it with me, HUMAN. SLINKY, HUMAN. SLINKY!! link

Winning Halloween costume. link

Bicycling women power an LED Stripper - genius. link

The end, goodbyeeee. 

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