Friday, 18 November 2011

Short and sweet

Work has required me to get deeply involved with group snacks and roasted barley this week so haven't had much time for the internets, nevertheless --->


And headline of the year award goes to... Undercover Police Dwarves Stole My Identity At Bus Stop link

Infogravolution (is now a word) of dance music across the world. Witchcore, Donk and Fuckstep strangely omitted. link
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Soooohohohooooo The baby carrying jacket is flat out hilariously creepy. link

Ad agency promotes itself with a strong line on its prostitute policy. link

Baroness Trumpington (best name everrrrr) is my new Being a Bitch in Old Age role model. Top shit Trumpy. link

Bert and Ernie do TomTom - frickin' sweet. link

The French show us how to do some anti-smoking ads - with added oral sex. link
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Do you need to write stuff but find it hard to write good? You need Written Kitten - for every 100 words you write, you get to see a new kitten. Actually I think that'll help with quantity more than quality but who gives a shizen about quality these days? Certionly not me.
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Three cheers for midget parkour. via Copyranter

Yes yes yes to ALL of this:
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Ok. Bye.

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