Monday, 19 December 2011

Coal? Get f**ked. #4. Norovirus Terror Edition.

You know who's getting coal this year? Anyone with Norovirus who passes it on to me before my 22 hour journey to Sydney this evening. I have already scorned someone in the office into going home for looking suspiciously wan. There is no known cure for Norovirus, you just have to 'ride it out'. How do you 'ride out' projectile vomiting like Regan from The Exorcist and shitting like a baby in fugging economy?  I pretty much feel like I am in a budget version of Contagion at the moment. Never watched that btw, assuming it all ended well and no one died. 

Plus I am flying Asiana - a South Korean airline and Kim Jong I never knew he was Il has just popped his fugging clogs. Likely to be succeeded by his lunatic son whose first action will be to nuke my plane. If I make it through my 5 hours stopover in Seoul without serious mishap then perhaps I will live to wellity another day. Otherwise, it's been nice not really knowing who you are. 

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