Friday, 9 December 2011


This week's links will be presented to you in SHOUTY HEADLINE CATEGORIES:

  • Extremely tasteless campaign sends a gamer to Iraq to demonstrate gamer headset. Some people should be shot for this. link  Via @benkaywriter
  • The Santa Brand Book. Brilliant. link
  • That Halfords ad which probably annoyed the hell out of you, now with an alternate ending. link  Via @on_re
  • A more realistic take on the Harvey Nicolls Walk of Shame ad. link
  • "I'm a lawyer. I'm on a billboard" - You're hired. link via @copyranter

  • You know how we have some scuzzy junkie tramps hanging out at the St Paul's Occupy? Well in Melbourne they have TENT MONSTERS! link
  • News lady tries to ignore sartorial clusterfuck hobo at Occupy LA. link thanks Tibbo

BRUCE WILLIS! (and Tom Cruise. Sigh.)
  • Bruce Willis - Smooth Operator and Booze Innovator. link
  • Tiny Tom atop a Tower via @tremulantdesign who rightly commented "Not windy enough," link
  • No shame in that: "fans" given money and free lunch to cheer Tiny Tom on his arrival in India. link via @margheritamvs

  • Goddamm those pesky kids and their vodka tampons. link
  • Um, Mike Tyson lisps his way through The Girl From Ipanema on Brazillian telly. Just, no. link

  • Procatinator = cat gif + music. link
  • Cat responds to news about Tom Cruises' paid fans in India. link


Penis papers (sfw) link

This made me weep with joy:
via @chrisjvernon

Compressed Air Guitar Hero... yes sir.
Via @awoooooga 

Yessss also to the whisssstling mullet.
also via @awoooooga

Wonderful inevitability here. via @dysonology

and lastly, lest someone should neglect to pay attention to her: NIKKI MINAJ!
(thanks Shetty)

Happy Friday all.

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