Friday, 23 December 2011

(not especially) Festive Friday Links

HA! (wait for it...)
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Day time fireworks - so cool I might explode.
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It's Christmas, you're on the London Underground, so... drunk Santa helping another drunk Santa puke into a Santa hat? Of course. link
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I love the smell of Bacon in the morning. link
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Bah humbuggery. link

This made me laugh a lot - a moderator at Virgin Media made everything seem a lot more porny than it actually was with overzealous asterixing. I spotted HanC**klink and the papers clocked Charles D**kens and A**enal link

Stunt Cat. link
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Piglet in wellies. STOP. IT. link
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Nice try piglet in wellies, you just got trumped by slow-mo labrador puppies. link
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The Sartorialist in 15 words. link
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Anyone remotely interested in the year that was in the world of meeeeedja/ tech/ adland needs to read the Contagious round up. link

Self-consciously kooky model Agyness Deyn has put her NYC loft up for sale. I would like to requisition it for the purposes of being a self-consciously nightmarish old lady in. link

I watched a lot of The Only Way is Essex but never did I notice the undertones of adoration and respect for Kim Jong-il from Mark's sister Jess. link

Tumblr of the week goes to:

So, an Amish girl was allegedly killed by a bullet fired nearly a mile away by a man cleaning his gun. Sounds pretty unlikely. link But, it got me to thinking that maybe I was a just a painfully neurotic horse-faced ill-representation of single women in New York. No, it got me to thinking about the bullets they fire into the air in celebration in Arab countries - you see it a fair bit on the news. I'd always wondered what the fallout of hundreds of bullets being fired skywards was, they never tell you and you don't see people collapsing in a bloodied heap moments later - but that's apparently what regularly happens with the "joy bullets" - read more here.

Cat with a penis on its face (sfw) link
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Marie Antoinette action figure - with ejector head! Sold. link
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Goat Cleaning Rainbow Duster. link

New London double deckers are pretty darn cool. link

Please excuse the fishy smell. (sfw and delightful) link
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Cracking venn diagram explaining one of nature's greatest mysteries. link
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Who needs a fat friend at the beach when you can go slimming, I mean swimming with manatees? link

Jimmy Kimmel is an increasingly evil genius, at Halloween he asked parents to film them telling their kids that they'd eaten their candy. Now he's done it again with parents filming giving their kids an early and extremely crappy Christmas present. Tears and tantrums ahoy:

Mad fighting skillz pretty much akin to my own:
Thanks Cappy

A creepy but effective cat nanny:

A Drunk History Christmas Special. Go look up the other Drunk Histories they are fucking brilliant.
Thanks Em.

This is an extraordinary Soviet dance via Robert Popper who advises you wait to the end to get the full scale of the creepiness.

And a Happy Krampus to you all. x

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