Monday, 9 January 2012


Cat AIDS. Who knew?
via shitLondon HT DominicH

This is an Australian advert. It's so bad it's making me want to put 'ocaust' on the end of it but at least 70% of all Aussie tv ads are this bad or worse. link

"All of the movies I don't want to see in a format that affirms my decision." The Editing Room has the alternate scripts for Hollywood shizen such as Transformers and Wall Street 2. Fuck that film was bad. Thanks Dom

La Redoute catalogue #FAIL link

Intergalactic hookers now get a look in in Vegas. How egalitarian. link

This news officially kick starts the apocalypse. link
And if that doesn't then THIS sure as hell will. Jesus.

Interesting facts about sloths. (If you skip to the end there's a video with sloths in pyjamas in it. Say no more.) link

"Woman attacks expressionist painting; punches & scratches it, removes pants and slides down it." We've all been there. link

Doggie got rhythm (and possible contract with Bud Light) link

Alternate titles for the new Mission Impossible turdfest. link

Mark Wallboob. (EPIC pun from me there.) link

Timeless tattoo I spotted on Bondi. link

World's biggest orgy. Bet that wasn't awkward. NSFW-ish. link

If I asked Dali to advertise chocolate this is exactly what I'd expect. link

OMGlowinthedarktits. NSFW but you probably could try it at home. link

Not gonna lie, the cat videos of the future aren't quite as comedic as the ones we enjoy now but this is pretty amazing (man uses Kinect and a robot to stroke his cat remotely). link

Top tweet from @theobsoleteman: "Pope warns against 'superficial glitter'. He does it dressed like this: link "

Man Babies - AAAAAAAARGH. link via @tomcallard

Cheese People - WOOOOOO. link via @joeandtom

Haunted lego houses. link via @tomagotchi

The Inception Firework:

They haven't invented a death ray laser to obliterate all of those slow fuckers dragging their heels on the pavement in front of you, so this method will do in the meantime.
via @sergethew

Space Kisser - genuis faux-lo-fi cod-Indian take on Star Trek. via @robertpopper

Too right kiddo - little girl goes on a big rant about having to put up with too much pink crap in the girl's section of a toy shop.


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