Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Oz Round Up - Retail Therapy

Lazy lazy lazy. Haven't posted in ages and have now left Oz and am having an incredible time in Nairobi for work. Been meaning to get on with my Oz round up - so here's the first and it regards fashion and all the shiz I spent all my goddamn money on (bank manager, in the hell freezingly unlikely event that you're reading this - it's all lies). My Sydney trip might have broken the bank but it's made me approximately 40% fancier, externally.

(L) Sass & Bide Pick 'n' Mix dress. It was in the sales. Could not resist. Plus the girls working in the Oxford Street shop are perfectly dreamy and make you think to yourself that you really ought to buy the entire contents of the shop. Magic stuff.
(R) White Suede Sorbet Cape. Also in the sales. An orange cape isn't tremendously practical - or so I was told by the girl in the shop but I've already worn it thrice which means it's paying for itself.

William Street has some of the best shops in Sydney by my reckoning. It's totally charming and I struggle not to come away laden. Last year it was from The Corner Shop, where I nabbed a goddamn incrediballs Ellery dress.

This year, I fell into Banjo & Matilda - who specialise in beautiful cashmere (I don't know who the Sydney-siders think they're kidding with needing cashmere - it's 13 degrees in winter there), they collaborate with artists and designers - most recently Tracey Emin. They do lovely labelling too:

(L) from Witchery - which is a bit like an Aussie Zara
(R) from Hype DC - which is extremely cheap and mostly hideous.
Apologies for shoddy photos.

And you'd be nuts to go to Oz and not check out Aussie designers Black Milk and We Are Handsome - both do magical things with lycra. I got the WAH peacock and horse swimmers - and they're both fucking cool. Although I tried the peacock one on in a darkened room and it turns out that it makes me look extremely pale.

That's it for clothes but food and drink is coming up.

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