Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Brooms in Shades

Sunnies by Karen Walker. I are mostly be wanting the top right bunny ones and the pair below.

Broom shoot = enchanting.

via Honestly WTF

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The Perv-Universe Perspective.

"What does 50 years difference make when one considers the age of the universe?

Patrick Moore was too much of an old sweetheart for that one to fly but perhaps one day Cary Grant will burst forth from the grave, whisk me up the Greenwich Observatory and say something similar.  Then he'll caveat it by admitting that he's 80 years older and 25 years deader than me and was actually gay.  

“What does 50 years difference make when one considers the age of the universe?”

Monday, 27 February 2012

Huxley - let it go

Music Monday - this video's pretty frickin' odd.

LAZINESS, I leave you. That's not the name of the track, that is what's happening right now in real life to this post. I'm having a Karl Lagerfeld moment. Watch the video. Listen to the music. Stop eating unless it's dreams. 

Huxley - Let It Go (Hypercolour) from Hypercolour on Vimeo.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Bucketloads of Links

Sing it with me, Hallelujah it's a rainin... link (NSFW due to the cunt-bomb but by far and away the greatest thing I've seen all week. Have played it many times.) Thanks Miles.

This is what a bunny boiler looks like in the age of Facebook. link

All types of rightly wrong - this video is so unexpected, whaaaa? and weird. And cringe. But also great. link

Net porn (sfw - all nets are consenting). link

Boots pharmacy has got ladies all figured out. link

Excellent graffiti of the week. link via @flipflapman

Cat Lady Reality Check Graph of the week. link thanks Tibbo

Teddy bear anatomy (see left) link

The Mushroom in Christian Art and other comedically odd book titles. link

Ok this is super slow of me but here are a selection of the most powerful images of 2011, yes, from last year. link

This is some insane Borges-style shit, as a pretentious sweary wang you'd cross dinner tables to avoid might say. Autistic savant spends 20 years designing a city on paper; building an imaginary space throughout history for it. Truly extraordinary. link

In this version of the future, everyone will be walking off cliffs and into walls, plus they'll be wearing freaking Oakleys. Blargh. But a pretty interesting idea. link via @brittneybean

Tornado on the sun which IS THE SIZE OF EARTH. Way to make me feel like a microbe on a pimple on a gnat's ass. link via @copyranter

Anyone feel like a wonderfully shitty visual pun based on H from Stepslink

Ah, the tramamampoline, stalwart of the suburban garden, staple of You've Been Framed videos, now comes with 50% more fail. via @b3ta_links

Nicolas Cage. Losing. His. SHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT. Just the most enjoyable thing in the world. Think I put it in last week's links but it bears repeating. via @adamgyngell

So, what if Jaws were a Disney movie...

Smells you later.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

I Dream of Dino

That there be a Ferrari Dino and I would like to chauffeur myself through my own life in it. 

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Mental Mountain Hotel of Wonders

I would like to arrive at the Montana Magica Lodge in Chile in a sleigh drawn by unicorns and then just let the sheer awesomeness take over from there. Set in a 323 square mile nature reserve in Huilo Huilo, the lodge is covered in moss and vines, spews water from its roof and is accessible from a monkey bridge, plus it's surrounded by hot-tubs carved out of hollow tree trunks. I am overwhelmed by the want to go there. 

Monday, 20 February 2012

Skeletons Having Sex On A Hot Tin Roof

I am wildly in love this woman. This is one of the greatest music videos of all time.
Orphic Ostra's Skeletons Having Sex on a Hot Tin Roof.
Monday evening weirdness, take it away lady:

HT @awoooooga

Friday, 17 February 2012


Panda? INCORRECT. Chow. link via @trissum

Unusable stock photos - some are truly amazing. link

Ain't no perv like a royal diplomat perv. link

Bell jars you can gaff in - in Japan. link via @_luckyou

#occupyNigeria - fantastic shots. link via @ennikukka

Hipster nonsense of the week - these. 

Vulgar foreign fact of the week 'The French for 'touching cloth' is "J'ai un taupe au guichet" meaning "there's a mole at the checkout."' Tweeted by  @jacques_aih

Fantastic idea - using etch-a-crim software, Brian Joseph Davis creates photofits of epic literary characters from the descriptions of them in the books. link.  Better Book Titles is similarly excellent (this one's my favourite) HT @matt_muir

Seals clubbing, grammatically speaking. link thanks Nasty Fat

Are you ready for Rifle Burs? It's got real gunshots as the bass. link thank you Adam Buxton. That video should inspire you to use this, the Straight Thug app.

Ye olde swearing dictionary. Learn about Beard Splitters, Bear Gardens and Bingo Morts. If you have more time than me, you might even get past 'B'. link via @lettersofnote

Eric Pillot's heartbreaking black and white shots of animals in zoos. link

Mike Tyson + pigeons = UMMMMM, WHAT? NO. link via @baldinbillboard

'Shitstorm' voted most popular contribution to the German language in 2011. link

Niiiiiice. Sony hiked prices of Whitney Houston's music online 30 minutes after her death. link

Do you know what an 'exquisite corpse experiment' is? Neither did I but now I know and IDEOLabs' one is rather wonderful. link

A car review / love story of the wonderous Mercerdes Gullwing for people who don't like car reviews by @dysonology. link

Air-baggin' - it's the new something. Sorry, ran out of steam. link


Wednesday, 15 February 2012


This isn't a genius idea in the way that the gun-dog-lead is but I guess if you were a nefarious Russian oligarch exiled in London, you might order some solid gold ones for your hideous mansion.

Bang Bang Handle by Nikita Kovalev




Via Who Killed Bambi

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

All For Love

We Are Handsome are a bit of an obsession; here are some Valentiny-bit-of-me-died-inside Day cards which can be downloaded as iPhone wallpaper. Am hugely in love with the sea plane one.

And here's that image on a dress being worn by some sexy lady in Miami. Love.

Con Leche Por Favor

Are you ready for this?
It's 20 minutes of kittens licking milk from a leaking jug of hairy nipples.
(Happy Valentine's Day.)

From Christine Chin's Sentient Kitchen series, she does masterclasses in creepy. Check out more here and here.

HT @awoooooga

Monday, 13 February 2012

Satine Scorpion Jacket - It Must Be...



Shine On You Terrifying Children

Cracking shot of the Grady twins on the set of The Shining. The little creepsters were played by Lisa and Louise Burns - scroll down here for a shot of what they look like now.

Everything's Better When it's Drawed

Lisa Hanawalt is pretty much the coolest lady ever. Her illustrated response to Drive and Planet of the Apes made me howl with laughter, plus I am a big fan of Rumors I've Heard About Anna Wintour.      
Below are her Fashion Week Animals in Hats. I fugging adore them and I'm thinking about stalking her. Go check out her site, she's fucking funny. 

On 'n' On

Justice's On 'n' On remixed by Rick Rubin. Blammo.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Marry Me

Husband material made out of husband material wearing husband material. Mind blown. 

Via Brown Cardigan - go there, it is a wonderfest. 

Friday, 3 February 2012


So, as I have mentioned boringly before, I been out, about, upsidedown, insideout and all around. And I don't think it's over yet but there's NO EXCUSE for neglecting Friday links, so here is a bumper crop of linkage. It's not going to be pretty but it'll get the job done.

Let's kick off with Rhett & Link; they make fucking fun videos. I want their lives. Dope Zebra is their latest and it has the best cameo everrrrrr:

and if you want a little reminder of Chuck Testa - here.
via Fluffy Links

The shot that nearly killed me - incredible accounts by war photographers, a must read. link via @theadrianflores


Behind the podium with Sarkozy - brilliant. link thanks Campari Jack

What's your blues name? This works beautifully, I am Old Eyes Bailey from now on. link

Hair rental - try and dispute the sense of it. JUST TRY. link

Boogie wonderland traffic cop. link

No time for pants. link via @storyful

Best peephole ever. link

Worst peephole ever. link

Ghetto hikes = yes. link

House party at God's - YEAH. link via @michelangeob

Publicity stunts are all around us but who can be fucked to notice as most of them are shizen - this website will help:

In case you had forgotten that Jamie Oliver fancies himself as a rock star, here is his Lamb Curry song, aptly described by @rob_hyde as 'almost a war crime.'

Woooooah there science - synchronised luminescent e-coli. link is so official it gave me a seizure.

Fuck the Pain Away by Miss Piggy. link

Extremely excellent Chicago gangster calling cards from the 70s and 80s. link via @matt_muir

Homer's make up gun finally makes it to market. link.

Now this is how you sell pizza. Warning, contains severed penis.

Comic book heros doing totes inappropes dancing at some kid's party. Great comments too. link via @hellokinsella

So easy to be such a mad fool on Facebook - top 2011 round up of all the mad foolery. link

Being had up on drug charges - but what to wear in court? WHAT TO WEAR? link

I think the Daily Mail accidentally used one of the 'random Mail headline generators' for this one. link

Things Rick Astley will never do. link via @hotbarchick

ARM ACHE. Adriana Lima waves a flag in slo-mo for five hours to Brazilian lift music, which is dedication to whatever it is she's hawking. link

I don't know how to describe this other than - goldfish wonderment, REGARD. link via @awoooooga

Top Tumblr #1 by @trissum

Top Tumblr #2:

MY EYES. HIS EYES. WHO DOES THAT? link via @matt_muir

Euro sexploits are always the best sexploits. link thanks Jack

Oh Fabio. Sigh. link

Bish bosh bash it's blindfolded boxing. link

Best. Nic. Cage. Impression. EVA! link

People flying over NYC - lovely. link

Five year old who sounds exactly like Marcel the Shell talks us through brands. link

Edible Unicorn Turd. link
fanks Tibbo

Unicorn Poop!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

I'll Be Black, Comic Sans, 18 point

Most of the internet seems to be obsessed with typography. I like it, it's nice but I don't want to lick its face and take it home to meet my folks the way the majority of the internet wants to. That said, Arnie One Liners as typography is getting much closer to marriage material than joining the crowds jerking off over Helvetica. (On that note check out this blog of Brazilian signs photoshopped with Helvetica. Sheer douchery.)

Arnie joy is by Kyle Kargov.

Image credits: Kyle Kargov

via Flavourwire