Friday, 24 February 2012

Bucketloads of Links

Sing it with me, Hallelujah it's a rainin... link (NSFW due to the cunt-bomb but by far and away the greatest thing I've seen all week. Have played it many times.) Thanks Miles.

This is what a bunny boiler looks like in the age of Facebook. link

All types of rightly wrong - this video is so unexpected, whaaaa? and weird. And cringe. But also great. link

Net porn (sfw - all nets are consenting). link

Boots pharmacy has got ladies all figured out. link

Excellent graffiti of the week. link via @flipflapman

Cat Lady Reality Check Graph of the week. link thanks Tibbo

Teddy bear anatomy (see left) link

The Mushroom in Christian Art and other comedically odd book titles. link

Ok this is super slow of me but here are a selection of the most powerful images of 2011, yes, from last year. link

This is some insane Borges-style shit, as a pretentious sweary wang you'd cross dinner tables to avoid might say. Autistic savant spends 20 years designing a city on paper; building an imaginary space throughout history for it. Truly extraordinary. link

In this version of the future, everyone will be walking off cliffs and into walls, plus they'll be wearing freaking Oakleys. Blargh. But a pretty interesting idea. link via @brittneybean

Tornado on the sun which IS THE SIZE OF EARTH. Way to make me feel like a microbe on a pimple on a gnat's ass. link via @copyranter

Anyone feel like a wonderfully shitty visual pun based on H from Stepslink

Ah, the tramamampoline, stalwart of the suburban garden, staple of You've Been Framed videos, now comes with 50% more fail. via @b3ta_links

Nicolas Cage. Losing. His. SHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT. Just the most enjoyable thing in the world. Think I put it in last week's links but it bears repeating. via @adamgyngell

So, what if Jaws were a Disney movie...

Smells you later.

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