Friday, 17 February 2012


Panda? INCORRECT. Chow. link via @trissum

Unusable stock photos - some are truly amazing. link

Ain't no perv like a royal diplomat perv. link

Bell jars you can gaff in - in Japan. link via @_luckyou

#occupyNigeria - fantastic shots. link via @ennikukka

Hipster nonsense of the week - these. 

Vulgar foreign fact of the week 'The French for 'touching cloth' is "J'ai un taupe au guichet" meaning "there's a mole at the checkout."' Tweeted by  @jacques_aih

Fantastic idea - using etch-a-crim software, Brian Joseph Davis creates photofits of epic literary characters from the descriptions of them in the books. link.  Better Book Titles is similarly excellent (this one's my favourite) HT @matt_muir

Seals clubbing, grammatically speaking. link thanks Nasty Fat

Are you ready for Rifle Burs? It's got real gunshots as the bass. link thank you Adam Buxton. That video should inspire you to use this, the Straight Thug app.

Ye olde swearing dictionary. Learn about Beard Splitters, Bear Gardens and Bingo Morts. If you have more time than me, you might even get past 'B'. link via @lettersofnote

Eric Pillot's heartbreaking black and white shots of animals in zoos. link

Mike Tyson + pigeons = UMMMMM, WHAT? NO. link via @baldinbillboard

'Shitstorm' voted most popular contribution to the German language in 2011. link

Niiiiiice. Sony hiked prices of Whitney Houston's music online 30 minutes after her death. link

Do you know what an 'exquisite corpse experiment' is? Neither did I but now I know and IDEOLabs' one is rather wonderful. link

A car review / love story of the wonderous Mercerdes Gullwing for people who don't like car reviews by @dysonology. link

Air-baggin' - it's the new something. Sorry, ran out of steam. link


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