Friday, 3 February 2012


So, as I have mentioned boringly before, I been out, about, upsidedown, insideout and all around. And I don't think it's over yet but there's NO EXCUSE for neglecting Friday links, so here is a bumper crop of linkage. It's not going to be pretty but it'll get the job done.

Let's kick off with Rhett & Link; they make fucking fun videos. I want their lives. Dope Zebra is their latest and it has the best cameo everrrrrr:

and if you want a little reminder of Chuck Testa - here.
via Fluffy Links

The shot that nearly killed me - incredible accounts by war photographers, a must read. link via @theadrianflores


Behind the podium with Sarkozy - brilliant. link thanks Campari Jack

What's your blues name? This works beautifully, I am Old Eyes Bailey from now on. link

Hair rental - try and dispute the sense of it. JUST TRY. link

Boogie wonderland traffic cop. link

No time for pants. link via @storyful

Best peephole ever. link

Worst peephole ever. link

Ghetto hikes = yes. link

House party at God's - YEAH. link via @michelangeob

Publicity stunts are all around us but who can be fucked to notice as most of them are shizen - this website will help:

In case you had forgotten that Jamie Oliver fancies himself as a rock star, here is his Lamb Curry song, aptly described by @rob_hyde as 'almost a war crime.'

Woooooah there science - synchronised luminescent e-coli. link is so official it gave me a seizure.

Fuck the Pain Away by Miss Piggy. link

Extremely excellent Chicago gangster calling cards from the 70s and 80s. link via @matt_muir

Homer's make up gun finally makes it to market. link.

Now this is how you sell pizza. Warning, contains severed penis.

Comic book heros doing totes inappropes dancing at some kid's party. Great comments too. link via @hellokinsella

So easy to be such a mad fool on Facebook - top 2011 round up of all the mad foolery. link

Being had up on drug charges - but what to wear in court? WHAT TO WEAR? link

I think the Daily Mail accidentally used one of the 'random Mail headline generators' for this one. link

Things Rick Astley will never do. link via @hotbarchick

ARM ACHE. Adriana Lima waves a flag in slo-mo for five hours to Brazilian lift music, which is dedication to whatever it is she's hawking. link

I don't know how to describe this other than - goldfish wonderment, REGARD. link via @awoooooga

Top Tumblr #1 by @trissum

Top Tumblr #2:

MY EYES. HIS EYES. WHO DOES THAT? link via @matt_muir

Euro sexploits are always the best sexploits. link thanks Jack

Oh Fabio. Sigh. link

Bish bosh bash it's blindfolded boxing. link

Best. Nic. Cage. Impression. EVA! link

People flying over NYC - lovely. link

Five year old who sounds exactly like Marcel the Shell talks us through brands. link

Edible Unicorn Turd. link
fanks Tibbo

Unicorn Poop!

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