Friday, 9 March 2012

Friday Links Are Tearing Me Apart Lisa

So, is this five moustache-like structures, OR one tache, three beard sub-structures and a burgeoning monobrow? (See left) link

Necropants. They are as gross as they sound but also kinda interesting - Icelandic black magic... nsfw. link

Sweetest bloody photo ever of a dog that doesn't want to be at the vet's. link

This is fo sho what Jeremy Lin spent his first paycheque on. link

Jesus followers, Twitter followers - potato, potaaato? Christ says NO. link via @camcampionawaad

Cracking headline involving Meatloaf, bananas and illness. link via Em

A glove to warm your hand but keep your beer cold - Scando-niche. link

This is the nichest sign of all time. link

Jane Bussman on the another side of the story re: Kony and Uganda; Kony is an atrocity in human form, yes, but are the Ugandan government making money out of him?  link

Do you know, I don't think Madonna has asked one single soul if they want to see her in her underwear. Certainly,  I would tell her, if she asked me, that I actually don't want to see her in her underwear. So, anyway, here's Madonna in her underwear. Sigh. link

Hither Green: a peaceful, comfortable and welcoming community - also a land of utter nonsense according to this hilarious write up. link

How to look stark staring mad - contact lenses with real gold and diamonds in em. link

Regard, it's the posh twat in his natural habitat... link thanks Dom

I am sick to the eye teeth of the mother-fugging inescapable 'Keep Calm and...'. It feels like a meme for people who don't know how to use the internet. This is the only acceptable rendition of it and it is frigging excellent. link

Bloody hell Ayn Rand, now look what you've gone and started with your nutbags philosophy of selfishness. link (Full disclosure, I read Atlas Shrugged at an impressionable age and am an only child so a philosophy of selfishness was briefly appealing. I REGRET NOTHING (I am fairly sheepish).) Bizarrely, some folks in Japan have invented the Speech Jammer, which fogs your brain with feedback and renders you unable to speak - I'm pretty sure that or some similar tool is in Atlas Shrugged. Coincidence? Yeah right. And have you ever seen David Iyke and John Galt in the same room? Think about it. *backs away slowly, squinting at you and nodding with a grim smile*  

SUPER! Superman socks, now with added cape. link

Pharrell Williams looks embarrassed about having to talk about his inspiration for his liquor for ladies called Qream. Well suck it up Pharrell, that's what happens when you invent outrageous booze products to hawk to ladies to make some extra dough. You can't sexy your way out of this one you shameless hussy. link

Brian Blessed with a pair of fashion tits atop his masterful skull. Thanks Photoshop. link

Skittles ads are obliged to be funny - here are some of their new ones. Not their best but take a look if you feel inclined. link

DOLPHIN STAMPEDE. Watch out. link

The new Old Spice ad that's not for Old Spice:

Dubstep parrot is so much cooler than I'll ever be. Than any of  us will ever be.
via @b3ta_links

In your FACE you heathen atheist wangs, what have you got to say about the banana argument? Where's your god now? I mean, where's your science NOW?
via @poohugh

That's them told. This is what You've Been Framed dreams of at night.

aaaaaand Tommy Wiseau wishes you a happy weekend:


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