Friday, 23 March 2012

Who needs Friday links?

Who needs photoshop when you have Lol Safari? link

Who needs a date with a motherfreaking SEA CAPTAIN? @chrisjvernon found this and everyone can pack up and go home now because it's the best thing on the internet. link

Who needs to feel warm and fuzzy about a red panda playing with a pumpkin? link

Who needs to know how to pronounce meme? link

Who needs to know about the origins of the word 'douche'? link

Who needs to see something awesome which they hope won't be ruined by Britain's Got Talent? link

Who needs to hear a father screaming DO THE PIZZA at his daughter on the slopes? link

Who needs a new car... and wants to buy it off an ex gynecologist? link

Who needs to witness the best national anthem FAIL of the year? link

Who needs some useless but excellent crap? link

Who needs meteorologists when you've got John's Weather Forecasting Stone? link

Who needs some Chow-time bath-time? link

Who needs two full sized hands? Not these guys. link

Who needs a seed merchant? You should try J A Simmers. link

Who needs to respond to a sign with another, extremely sarky sign? link

Who needs to see Jake Gyllenhaal slaying hipsters in fencing garb? link

Who needs a bloody alarm system when you've got a (sort of) lion? link

Who needs a hug? Go tell your therapist about it and have a fun weekend.

Thanks Dom, Gringo, @chrisjvernon, @awooooooga, @sergethew, @b3ta_links and others.

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