Thursday, 26 April 2012

The 'I'm Too Sickly For My Bed-Shirt' Playlists

Have found myself a bunch of new moozac I like - three cheers for the hospital playlists.

Logged a bunch on Spotify:
For general 'Hells Yesses' and new discoveries: Starred
For a raucous set of foot stompers: ORF with the roof
For a curious selection: Mixed Bag o' YES
For some rancho relaxo: Practically Horizontal

And below is Jasmine by Jai Paul, have been listening to it repeatedly and getting busted rolling my head around and looking blissed out with my headphones on by the nurses. (Well it's not from drugs is it you witches? Still haven't been prescribed anything interesting - and blood doesn't count, even if it IS from virgins.) Anyway, the bass is deep and woozy and insistent and circular. Awesome guitar, TIMELY CLAPPING and beaut voice. Listen loud.

Found Jai Paul via 22 Tracks which is a great source for new stuff - always like the relax playlist by Venz.
Also thanks to Henry, Vinay, Nick and Tom (C, not golden beard) for recent finds.
Some crossover and extra favourites on Soundcloud too.

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