Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Pass the Smelling Salts

Hey kids, I have been unwellity well and am languishing in hospital watching programmes about police chases and giant catfish, so I'm going to get my shit together and get some posting done.

I was being all dramatic and old fashioned by fainting and swooning whenever I stood up; it wasn't a huge concern for me as I would happily be chaise-bound for life if it meant being waited on and fanned, but medical science said, "NO, we've come past that, get your pale ass into a backless gown." Which I duly did and they pumped me full of lovely other peoples' blood (see fig a.) and now I am feeling much better.

(figure a.)

Here is a dress I bought from the gorgeous Coco Fennell to flounce around in when I'm discharged.

Circus! Circus! Limited Edition Dress

Just photoshop / imagine my lolling head over the lovely model's - clearly a SMASH HIT. 

Then I had a trawl over Coco's blog and found this outrageously sexy photo:

Again, just photoshop my loll and set it in silhouette and BLAMMO, that is how you stay sexy in hospital. 

Thought for the day? 
When it comes to man-eating catfish, the greatest killer.... IS MAN. Except when it's catfish but that's very rare.

Other thought for the day? (sometimes there's room for two)
Give blood. Give it all to me. 
Sure, I'll give some too. Later. 

P.s - I am fine and happily accepting flowers and gifts. 

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