Friday, 4 May 2012

Linking Tower of Pisa

It has been so long since I done a Friday link load and there are now SO many here that if you're not careful, your computer will simply topple over sideways.

Batstache? Hello husband. link via @moltinggent

Famous Folk Nonesense:
  • Dander in the rumpus room - ranty note from Werner Herzog to his cleaning lady is no less top notch for being a fake. Must read. link via @fede_r1c0
  • Oh hi James Vanderbeek, you look busy, I'll come back later. link
  • Pay attention. Prince is trying to teach you some life lessons. Life lessons are divided into two topics; sex and love - there is nothing else. link
  • YAY! Mental galactic adventure with Adrien Brody. Gets extra good around 2mins. link via @pierrehawkes
  • HA! Guess who this handsome 70s chump is? Clue: it's Simon Cowell. link
  • Who wants to lick Richard Branson's face? Be warned, you'll have to pay through the nose and your tongue might get stuck. link via @copyranter
  • God, Chris Brown's top cuntery continues apace - now with hideous children's toys. link
  • Jack Nicholson figuring out Twitter. link
  • All the coaches on The Voice singing together - sweet, cringing agony. So bad. link via @pierrehawkes.  On a positive note, my friend Bo is doing very well on the show cos she's fugging excellent, get a load of this loveliness: Holding the Light by Bo Bruce. 

About the Internet:
  • So, you're a card-hacking, identity-thieving crim, how do you make sure the feds don't infiltrate your gang? Threesomes of course. link
  • I fugging hate emoticons but emoticons made out of my own actual glorious face? Bravo Skype, BRAVO. link
  • Web 3.0 - why Facebook and Google might disappear altogether. link
  • Facebook Edgerank, what you need to know if you give a damn. link via @lakey
  • Anti Negative SEO, yeah I don't know either, something to do with penguins and the new Google algorithm. link
  • Forget your Klout score, get your score. 

  • Existential noir cat is almost too French to function. link thanks Harry & Jack
  • Tramamamamamampoline bear! link
  •  Joy Division as performed by cat slaps on an ironing board. link via @benkaywriter
  • Yeah, just swimming in mah pool with mah fucking giganto polar bear. link
  • Hermit crab moves into Lego shell. link
  • Dog really loves bike - just hugging though. link
  • - dogs in bee costumes
  • Sexy executive won't stop till he gets to the boardroom, no matter how many secretary's legs he has to hump along the way. link

From the Internet:
  • This could do with some added swearing but the sentiment is there. link via @garethaveyard
  • "Hi-Five! No, NOT YOU." Excellently mean prankery which we'd all fall for. link
  • Haunted Kleenex ad from Japan - everyone involved died. Worth it, very high production values. link via @emeraldfennell
  • Titanic Abridged -  HA! link via @awoooooga
  • Wonderful. Seriously wonderful. Dad takes brilliant photos of his two daughters with apparent scant regard for their safety. Really great. link
  • Some smile-cracking examples of Facebook timeline profile pics. link
  • Sharks with laser beams. Shame the realisation of this worldwide dream came to pass in the pursuit of some Facebook likes. link
  • The deflating tail is the icing on this faceplant cake. link

The Lady Parts Part:
  • Does exactly what it does on the vial: nsfw, also, Wow. 
  • Knitted cervixes for one and all. link sfw via @matt_muir
  • Gynecologist said what? link sfw lady rofls. 

Muy Excellente News Stories:
  • Corking Crank-style crime spree, includes smearing faeces on law degrees. Corking. link
  • Welsh tourists drunkenly break into Sea World, swim with dolphins, let fire extinguisher off by shark tank and steal penguin. Heart. link

Plain Old Int-er-esting:
  • My brains made me do it: neuroscience reckons free will is a load of old balls - I'm off to behave badly with aplomb and damn the consequences then. link
  • Daily Mail porn panic. link
  • Whatcha doin'? Just hanging out, generating fugging awesome ideas like it's no big deal. link
  • Not giving a fuck - why it's important and how to give less of one - a good guide. link via @tremulantdesign

Hip Hooray for Miscellaneous Crap (fairly similar to 'From the Internet' just with a bit more crap):
  • - enough miscellaneous crap to fill a website. Gems aplenty.
  • Ping Tron = yes. link
  • Haughty starfish. link TM @garethaveyard
  • Abu Hamza key hook. Oh, very clever. link via @michelangeob
  • - extremely relaxing and much less depressing than the actual grey skies outside. via @duncangeere
  • Scare the children with a terrifying game of Happy Families. link
  • WWII + pig in a coat + bottle of wine. What the damn skippy is going on in this picture? link
  • WANT - beautiful wooden cocktail campervan. link
  • Bad lipreading of Gotye's Someone I used to know. Silly. Funny. link
  • Cannot wait for this Cannes Lion worthy Hit Biscuit ad to hit our screens. link

I leave you with the Senor Coconut version of Daft Punk's Around the World and this magical blossoming tree house explosion of wonderment. Bet it just looks weird and creepy when the blossom blows away. link

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