Friday, 13 July 2012

ERMAHGERD it's Friday


Cat that looks like a pug = Lil Bub. link

So... Chanel No. 5 is genuinely made out of cat's ass. For realsies. link

Design student gives himself 3 days to makeover / rebrand Microsoft - impressive and they should hire the hell out of him. link

Trannies? Weak. Trannimals? - Now that's some strong stuff right there. link

Woman live-blogs a couple breaking up on a train - special. link

This is the strangest oyster-shell based art I ever did saw. link

Man responds to a job offer from a private healthcare company - a searingly good read. link

Nic Cage + cats x photoshop = link

If you have an iphone you'll be wanting this app so you can write over your photos and turn them into posters. link

I'm comic sans, asshole. link is fucking funny.

Marketing lessons from Nigerian scammers. Brillo. link

Bill Murray is going on a gate-crashing party rampage. He's also looking pretty derelichte. link

Best IMDB description ever? The trivia section is also a treat. link ht @emeraldfennell

'Tabloid' the fillum looks amazing. Who wants to watch with me? We can eat some retrolicious looking popcorn while we're at it.

Lobster knife fights. link

Adopt a word. link

Stephen Hawking reads out 50 Shades of Weak Porn for Middle Aged Ladies' naughtiest passage. link

Best picture from the opening of the Shard. link

UM UM UM. WHAT? UM. Shave the baby? link

Wowzies. Japanese ad shows you what vaginal odour looks like - hint, it looks like some sort of fish monster, which is what I suspected all along. link

The day that Vice Magazine out-viced themselves. Reporter interviews Danny Dyer on acid. Pretty goddamn funny actually. link

WINTERNET - drunk man serenades his cat with Seal's Kiss From a Rose

This little girl is awesome. 

Trololo Cat - yes.

Men throwing rocks with their 'other' hand

Leadership lessons from the lone dancing guy - I love this. 

The Muppets + Soul Clap = 


Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Long time no nothing from me. I have been on Twitter instead.
Anyway, I'm partially back - here's this kid:

thanks @emeraldfennell