Friday, 5 October 2012


Wow, haven't done one of these in forever so this is going to be quick and dirty but also enormous. Sounds like fun.

FISTICUFFS! Two NYC businessmen fight over a taxi in the financial district. Good to know these chaps are looking after the world's cashola. link

Here - have some predictions of how current technology will develop into the future. Seriously, have it, it's fascinating. link via @matt_muir

Crazy cat lady takes it to the next level - with GUNS! link

Remember when you used to blow into your NES / GameBoy cartridges if they weren't working? Yeah, it's official, that didn't help. link

Wearable dog tail that wags when you're happy. Keep on inventing, Japan, never stop. link

Celebrity / animal hybrids rendered in watercolour. Too good. Have made a purchase. link via Arthur de Bore

Prince the talking dog. It's super old-school and I don't know how I've managed to miss it in my life. It is top friggin notch - RRRRRAUSAGES! link

Psychedelic AbFab style ad for cat litter - seriously good. link via @sergethew

When is a bald eagle not a bald eagle... link

This cheered me up. link

Facebook have done their first ever tv ad. It's a flagrant ploy to reassure people that all they're about human connections instead of raking in the ad dollar through your data. It is cheesy chair balls. FAIL. link

How to scare (the shit out of) a bear. link

This Lego contraption is like watching insanity. Amazing. link

Nice work Count Prickular. link via Kat

Say it with puppies. link

Hot men with dogs? Go on then. link via @hotbarchick

Seriously spot on 'fuck you' to Mitt Romney and the teabilly fucksticks. link

How to steal the show. I want to be or be with this man. link

Get your coroporo-gibberish on with this business jargon dictionary - time to open the kimono! *shoots self in head* link

Gifs with sound montage - some golds in there. link

Sweat the Rainbow. Taste the Rainbow. Fuck I love Skittles. link

So, the "Buttchugging" press conference happened.  Quite awesome stuff. The homophobia woven into this nothing short of spectacular.  link via Campari Jack (happy birthday to you mr jack.)

Parkour Squirrel. link

Hammfest. Mmm, Hamm. link

And if that wasn't enough linkage for you, here have a META INCEPTION LINK - it's a link to more links. LINK!

Yup, that was a total mess with a disproportionate amount of animal kingdom action. Hope you enjoyed it.

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